All Steel Frame Design

The new design, all steel structure, through rigorous testing equipment, under more severe external environment



INGREM computer workstation is ideal for individuals expecting the most from themselves and their work


Save Space

Reduce costs by shrinking the overall footprint of space while consolidating your workforce, and can be much more

Owlet Dragon Workstation

On Owlet Dragon, Above the Clouds

Owlet Dragon redefines the concept of traditional computer workstations. Its sleek G-shaped contour integrates perfectly with complete cabin functionalities. With a modern simplistic design approach, it achieves the seating lightweight while maintaining the cabin stability. Say goodbye to the traditional table-chair pair. The future of simplicity, function and beauty is now here.






Veyron Workstation

Magical Solution of Seating, Aesthetics of Gaming

Our Veyron workstation was designed with form and function as its drivers. It boasts of its dual-armor concept safety system. Its avant-garde design of curves and edges brings a modernistic touch. The careful choice of 100% metal construction guarantees the cabin stability and increases the physical defense index. Veyron workstation comes with visually striking lighting, making you feel like a cavalier in the gaming battle field. Sit back and enjoy this all-in-one sofa, or relax at a 180° reclining position with the touch of a button. Veyron workstation will take you to the next level of comfort.


Brand Power

Since its creation, Ingrem, with quality products as its core, has gained support and benefited from the seamless teamwork from design, channels and factories. We do not run media advertisements. We believe in design, quality and customer experiences. As a result, our products have extended to various industries, and well received in overseas markets in Europe, America, Australia and Mid East, etc.

Diversity of Products

Our design team is located in Shanghai, China. Our main factory is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Ingrem prides itself on the strength of design, research and development. It has strong R&D and production capabilities. With its modern design, solid quality and a variety of products to choose from, Ingrem products are well received and praised by the market.

Brand Competitiveness

Ingrem is the forerunner of computer workstations. It not only opened up a brand-new consumer product category, but also is the first company who advanced the computer workstation concept. Ingrem has become an exclusive service provider for many gaming companies, smart home furnishing companies, VR experience studios and medical rehabilitation centers, etc.

Resource Abundance

Ingrem has developed in-depth collaboration with renowned companies such as Rotai, DXRacer, Terrans Force, Dell, Alienware, Lorinser, ASUS, Kingston, Yuexing Group, etc. It also collaborates with many interior design and décor companies. Ingrem has become their exclusive ergonomic computer workstation provider.

Heating System

Built in electric massage system, and carbon fiber heating system, massage point distribution in the back and bottom of the interior, can be at any time to massage the neck and thigh. Ease the fatigue caused by long time computer operation.

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Cool Appearance

Smooth lines outline the structure of the fuselage, on both sides of the match line design, the moment to attract the eye, allowing players to instantly go into a state of war.

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Ergonomic Design

Simple ergonomic design and PU build, long time by sitting comfortably not fatigue

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