PU Leather

Soft plush cushioning makes the user feel like they’re sitting on a cloud. Combined with durable PU poly leather that will stand up to extreme use.

LED Lights

LED cabin lights offer a bright light from overheard to illuminate the users keyboard tray. An RGB light belt runs throughout the machine to enhance the users experience.

Built-in Cup Holder

A retractable cup holder allows the user to enjoy a beverage from arm’s length away.

Lightweight Design

Our lightest workstation, weighing in at 242.5 lbs, allows for easy movement across the home or office.

Axis Tilt

A 30° axis tilt changes the position of the user to the position they desire. Along with manual adjustment of the screen, the user can always be in a comfortable viewing position.

Keyboard Tray

Comes fully equipped with a swiveling keyboard tray that’s mounted with low density rubber and cloth material to give the whole tray a mouse pad feeling.